Flextech Flex-Tech Hose Solutions based in Slough Berkshire is a Springbok company and specialise in the supply of Flexible hose, tubes, ductings and hose couplings

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Flextech Hose Solutions - Manufacturers of PTFE Hose Assemblies - Smooth bore PTFE Hose - Convoflex Convoluted Bore PTFE Hoses - Easycrimp Low Profile Convoluted PTFE

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FlexTech design & manufacture convoluted PTFE flexible hose assemblies to meet the stringent temperature, pressure and vacuum service requirements found in food, pharmaceutical, medical, beverage petrochemical and dairy product applications.
FlexTech PTFE hose and assemblies offer unique properties which include excellent chemical resistance, high temperature resistance  (up to 260°C, 500°F) and a frictionless, easy clean surface.
These properties determine the types of application areas in which PTFE hose can provide the best possible hose product for the job.
Available in PTFE smoothbore or PTFE convoluted bore with assortment grades, covers & end terminations. Compounds manufactured from DuPont in virgin or Anti-Static to FDA 21.CFR.177-1550 compliance.

Type: T6450 Smoothbore/Convoluted PTFE hose S/s Braided

Construction: smooth inner with convoluted outer manufactured from virgin PTFE resin with a AISI 304 stainless steel, high tensile braid tosuit high pressure applications. (a very flexible smooth bore hose)

Fittings: Fittings with Hydraulic Tail

Size Range: 3/8” to 1”

Pressures: up to 80 Bar Working with 520 Bar Burst

T6310 - Easycrimp PTFE hose with low profile convolutions and available in virgin or anti-static grades with St/Steel overbraid.

Ends terminated with standard hydraulic fittings .

Theses hoses are ideal for applications where good flexibility and flow rate is required within the food, pharmaceutical, automotive and motorsport industries.

Working pressures up to 170 Bar

Tape Wrapped PTFE Hose with low profile close pitch convolutions and stainless steel braided as standard. Ends can be terminated with standards fittings.

Theses hoses are ideal for use with higher pressures where extreme flexibility is required within the food, pharmaceutical, automotive and motorsport industries.

Working pressures up to 96 Bar

Carbon Black FDA

FDA Compliant doc

FDA Compliant A/S

T6400 - Convoluted PTFE hoses available with diverse range of fittings, the deep profiled convolutions produce excellent flexibility and enable bespoke design requirements to be met.

Ends fittings are crimped of Tafted so all wetted parts are lined.

Ideal for use on load cells and other applications where extreme flexibility is required within the food, pharma and chemical industries.

Working pressures up to 170 Bar