Flextech Flex-Tech Hose Solutions based in Slough Berkshire is a Springbok company and specialise in the supply of Flexible hose, tubes, ductings and hose couplings

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Metallic Hose T7000

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Caterflex Gas Hose


Product Overview

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PTFE Hose Assemblies
FlexTech Series 7000 Flexible Metallic hose assemblies are designed to meet the stringent temperature, pressure and vacuum service requirements found in food, pharmaceutical, medical, beverage petrochemical and dairy product applications.
FlexTech flexible metal hose assemblies offer unique properties which include excellent chemical resistance, high temperature resistance  (-200°c to +600°c).
These properties determine the types of application areas in which metal hoses can provide the best possible hose product for the job.
Available as convoluted bore with assortment grades, covers & end terminations makes this hose ideally suited for Gas supply and transfer of Steam, Chemicals, Food processing, Hot Water systems.

Type: T7050 CaterFlex Metallic Gas Hoses (BS669/2-1988)

Construction: manufactured from T7000 inner hose and sleeved with yellow non chlorinated easy clean yellow cover.

Fittings: BSPT Fixed Male one end & Quick Release  Coupling other end - supplied with lanyard, mounting brackets and installation guide.

Size Range: 1/2”, 3/4” and 1”

Pressures: As stipulated by BS669/2 1988 requirements

Metallic Caterflow BS669/S Gas Hose Assemblies

Type: T7000 Unbraided Metallic Hose

Construction: manufactured from AISI 321, 316, Titanium.


Fittings: Full range of fittings

Size Range: 1/4” to 24” (other sizes to order)

Pressures: up to 10 Bar Working

PTFE Hose Assemblies - Smooth bore or Convoluted Bore

Type: T7001 Single Braided Metallic Hose

Construction: Convoluted AISI 321 Tube with a single 304 Stainless Steel over braid

Fittings: Full range of fittings

Size Range: 1/4” to 12”

Pressures: up to 167 Bar Working with 660 Bar Burst

GATES Hydraulic Hose Assemblies

Type: T7002 Double Braided Metallic Hose

Construction: Convoluted AISI 321 Tube with a double 304 Stainless Steel over braid for increased pressure ratings

Fittings: Full range of fittings

Size Range: 1/4” to 12”

Pressures: up to 220 Bar Working with 880 Bar Burst

Hygienic Silicone Rubber Hose Assemblies - Platinum Cured Silicone Hose FDA Approved Pharmaceutical Quality




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