Flextech Flex-Tech Hose Solutions based in Slough Berkshire is a Springbok company and specialise in the supply of Flexible hose, tubes, ductings and hose couplings

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FlexTech manufacture Hose Assemblies from PTFE, Silicone, Hygienic Rubbers, Metallics and Thermoplastcs for food, beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochem applications.
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FlexTech is proud to announce the launch of its NEW FX-TriDent unique hygienic colour coding system for all manufacturers and end users.

The long standing need for a simple, cost effective, visual system to ensure that all hose assemblies are installed in the right place on the right application has been a  problem that has not been addressed until now!


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View the Flextech 2012 on-line hose and couplings catalogue for a complete overview of the complete range of industrial hose & hose assemblies manufactured on site which include PTFE Hose, Hygienic Hose, Silicone Hose, Rubber & Hydraulic assemblies designed and built to request,

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FX-TriDent Colour Coding System

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FlexTech Hose Solutions (based in Slough Berkshire) specialises in tha manufacture of hose assemblies for the food, dairy, beverage, pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries

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